About Us

The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) has been delivering a range of nationally recognised qualifications in dermal science and cosmetic nursing since 2004.

AACDS is Australia’s largest and longest established vocational college dedicated purely to advanced aesthetics education.

To further serve industry and graduates and all cosmetic medical professionals, Aesthetics CPD is developed to assist first year graduates in aesthetics achieve their CPD requirements (specific to nurses) and encourage further learning in the aesthetics profession. The CPD content covers different topics to what was covered in your qualification at AACDS.

We felt that Dermal Therapists should not be excluded from CPD opportunities just because they currently do not have to legally record CPD points, so we’ve extended the program to non-nurses as well.

The CPD topics for both programs are reviewed by the AACDS Curriculum Advisory Board to ensure topics remain industry relevant, current and enhance employability skills.