CPD Points For Cosmetic Doctors

How It Works
(Pending Accreditation)

The CPD Program for Doctors bundles together online lectures + grants you access to an interactive journal club to selected articles through the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing (JAN). These lectures focus on a range of topics specific to the practice of cosmetic medicine.

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1 CPD Hour

Key Learning Outcomes (KLO’s)-

  • Understand the knowledge of anatomical and aesthetic differences between Asian and Caucasian face
  • Identify the aesthetic approach with muscle relaxants for the Asian face
  • Understand and analyse the aesthetic approach with dermal fillers for the Asian face
  • Understand the dangers of treating the Asian face
  • Understand the awareness of cultural contexts in cosmetic treatments for the Asian face

1 CPD Hour

Key Learning Outcomes (KLO’s)-

  • Describe the pathophysiology of menopause.
  • Identify signs and symptoms of vaginal atrophy post menopause.
  • List the benefits and risks of HRT and understand the current view on HRT.
  • Explain the effects of micro-ablative fractional CO2 laser on the vaginal canal.
  • List the advantages of fractional CO2 for vaginal rejuvenation.

1 CPD Hour

Key Learning Outcomes (KLO’s)-

  • Understand what labiaplasty surgery involves and the increasing demand for this surgery
  • Understand the common demographic characteristics of labiaplasty patients
  • Understand common surgical motivational categories (appearance, physical, sexual, and psychological)
  • Understand the factors that are proposed to promote genital appearance concerns (media and peer comments)
  • Understand body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and why BDD is considered to be a contraindication to cosmetic treatment

3 CPD Hours

Key Learning Outcomes (KLO’s)-

  • Describe the pathophysiology of all components of the cell.
  • Analyse the importance of cell ultra-structures
  • Interpret cellular responses and how they can contribute to changes in skin quality and ageing
  • Summarise the theories associated with the ageing process and why they are important.
  • Explain the effects of cellular ageing/damage and how it results in illness or disease.
  • Examine the role of the practitioner in this area.
  • Discuss how this contributes to the holistic care of the patient


CPD Points Allocation

Each lecture has been allocated x CPD points by the Royal College of General Practitioners. On successful completion of the assessment for each lecture, you can print out a certificate of completion to contribute to your annual CPD requirements.


Lecture Access

Lectures are accessed through the Member’s Portal and can be viewed once payment is made.



Each lecture is assessed with a timed, online assessment of approximately 20 multiple-choice questions.


Additional CPD Points for Practical Workshops &
Skill Set Courses

Additional CPD Points can be earned through some AACDS practical workshops and courses. Please note, not all AACDS practical workshops or Skills Set courses have CPD points allocated to them.