Gut Skin Health Connection Workshop – Perth

Workshop Outline

How well do you understand the internal gut connection and its influences on your clients skin health and skin conditions? Are you aware that gut health and microbiome diversity is essential for healthy skin and wellness?

Our exciting new workshop will answer these questions and provide the latest health and aesthetic information.

Presenter: Marian Rubock RN, author of 'Your Skin’s Secrets', has been working in the skin and wellness industry for the last 18 years and has extensive experience in the holistic considerations of good health and skin care.

The workshop will cover:

  • The importance of a healthy gut microbiome
  • What influences the gut microbiome and how it affects the skin.
  • Understanding endocrine disruptors and their connection to skin conditions (insulin resistance, oestrogen mimics, GMO foods, chemical influences in our food chain).
  • How to support and educate your clients to have realistic expectations of their skin and outcomes and the importance of dermal therapies
  • Case studies including acne, rosacea and ageing skin.


PLUS The workshop will also involve food demonstrations, led by Natalie Bennett, in which you’ll learn how to prepare dishes using gut friendly and anti-inflammatory ingredients discussed in the workshop. The food prepared will be included in the lunch menu.

Natalie Bennett is a recipe developer and wholefood cook who offers training for novices to professionals and is a consultant for business’ in Australia and Asia.

Her aims are to empower people with the skills to preserve their health and maintain a healthy body and youthful appearance; to continue to grow and learn on the path of nutrition and holistic wellbeing; and to spread and share her knowledge and compassion for others.

This workshop is ideal for Doctors, Nurses, Dermal Therapists, Clinic Owners and any one keen to learn about the gut-skin connection!


WHERE : Perth

WHEN : 13th June 2018

TIME : Full day workshop (9am - 4pm)

COST : $260 inc Food Demonstration